Effective and efficient realisation of the extensive bioenergy resources of India

NITI Aayog in collaboration with TERI will be hosting a workshop on “Effective and efficient realisation of the extensive bioenergy resources of India” on March 7, 2017. Workshop is intended to stress the importance of bioenergy and biofuels from biomass, to streamline bioenergy options from various feedstocks and to facilitate effective and sustainable utilisation of bio-resources for energy. The workshop also intends to identify challenges and areas of scope in bioenergy utilisation, enable deliberations and approaches and create a platform for a study facilitating comprehensive bioenergy policy for the nation.

A study is also planned to be conducted after the workshop whereby the discussions from the workshop would be used as pointers for investigation. The outcome of the workshop followed by the study is to facilitate a policy framework that would help realise the bioenergy potential of India in an organised and accelerated mode.

The workshop is broadly classified into following themes and sub themes –

  • Feedstock Availability and Supply – Session would focus on taking stock of the full range of bioenergy feedstocks, biomass inventory, mapping feedstocks with applications and how to make full use of the various feedstocks.
  • Conversion Technologies and Implementation – Session would focus on steps needed to realise various bioenergy applications/technologies and the challenges that need to be addressed. This could cover technology, scale-up, operations, business models, financing and topics
  • Case Studies on Bioenergy Applications – Session would focus on specific case studies and precedents which could serve as inspiration and yield valuable lessons learned going forward. Such initiatives would give useful cues and key pointers for future applications.
  • Policy Interventions – Session would focus on specific policy interventions that would help in implementation and realisation of bioenergy applications