NITI Aayog among its various functions has to provide advice and encourage partnerships with national and international like - minded think tanks, as well as educational and policy research institutions. Hence, a joint Working Group was constituted under the ‘Statement of Intent’ with Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ) and NITI Aayog to understand energy sector and to analyse related issues. Additionally, both institutes entered into an agreement to undertake work on respective energy sectors through their own energy models and compare the results for the years, 2032 and 2047 on the following topics:

  • Assessment of demand for LNG/Gas
  • Impact on the grid due to high penetration of renewables and
  • Implications of clean coal technology on the overall energy scenarios

Under the above agreement, a team of IEEJ visited NITI Aayog on 20th September and 22nd November 2016, to discuss the progress made on the study and to present a preliminary scenario for Indian energy for the year 2047. Subsequently, NITI Aayog entered into agreements with EPIC India, an energy policy institute at University of Chicago to assist in undertaking study on 'Assessment of LNG/Gas demand', and with University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun to support on ‘The impact on the grid due to high penetration of renewables’ and ‘Implications of clean coal technology on the overall energy scenarios’

Presently, NITI Aayog is working closely with the two institutes to generate results which will be shared by both the countries during a joint workshop in Delhi scheduled to be held on first fortnight of Feb, 2017.