National Conference on Energy Data: Management, Modelling and GIS Mapping was held on 10th August, 2016, at India Habitat Centre.

Over the years, the Energy Division of NITI Aayog has strived to harness the competencies of the best in class energy think-tanks in India and overseas, towards devising a sustainable and secure energy pathway for the country. Government of India has conceived a transformational vision in the energy domain. The target for renewable energy capacity of 175 GW by 2022 , provision of 24X7 power across the country by 2019, reducing crude oil import dependence substantially, and providing 5 crore rural poor with LPG connections are the programmes that call for coordination, long term planning and integration. For an effective and robust energy policy we have to rely heavily on rigorous analysis of rapidly available, reliable accurate and comprehensive energy data. Energy Data Management has been identified as an important stream for the management of energy data in the country.

The Conference deliberated on all aspects of energy data to identify the gaps particularly in the demand side, reliability of data, data formats and its dissemination. It was intended to put all the data on a map digitally to know who are the consumers of oil and gas, where is the gas, coal, electricity coming from. In the digital map of India all the energy demand centres would be put together. NITI Aayog is mandated to network with different agencies and to advice the Ministries. The good quality advice can be given only when we are well informed about the best possibility.

The conference covered 3 Sessions on the following themes and presentations were made by the representatives from various National Laboratories from India, US and think Tanks .

  • 1. Geospatial Analysis For Renewable Energy
  • 2. Energy Data Management
  • 3. Integrated Energy Modelling

With regard to session on Geospatial Analysis for Renewable Energy, it was suggested that, an integrated geospatial analysis tool can be developed which NITI Aayog could coordinate with relevant stakeholders. While in the session on Energy Data Management, there was an overwhelming support for NITI Aayog to lead the initiative to set up an entirely new data organization. The session on Integrated Energy Modelling endorsed the NITI Aayog’s plan to set up an integrated energy modelling unit.

Three SOPs were signed with USAID, EIA and Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (DBEIS), UK. NITI Aayog have collaboration with IEEJ which is Japanese agency working dedicatedly on Energy and top class national laboratories of the US. NITI Aayog will bring together all these institutions to look at specific problems of the Indian Energy Scene. NITI Aayog has decided to set up an integrated energy modelling unit in the NITI Aayog. This will be the first such attempt in the Government.

During the Conference, NITI Aayog had signed the following 3 SOPs:

  • 1. Extension of SOP on Collaboration on Sustainable Growth under the Indo-US Energy Dialogue
  • 2. SOP on Development concerning Energy Data Management with EIA and USAID
  • 3. SOP for Long-Term Energy Modelling Tools with the Department of Business, Energy And Industrial Strategy (BEIS)