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Several ‘Stakeholder Consultation Workshops’ were conducted by the India Energy Security Scenarios, 2047 (IESS 2047) team when Version 1 was prepared in 2013-14, to ensure the validity of the exercise. Since different organizations were involved in the process of data collection and analysis, it was important to test the compiled model in real situations. Several inter-ministerial workshops were conducted to authenticate the data for specific sectors when the Version 1 was finalised.

Inter-ministerial Consultation Workshops

India Energy MINISTRY
India Energy Sectors
Changes in Version 2
Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE)
Solar PV, Solar CSP, Wind Onshore, Wind Offshore, Small Hydroelectric Projects
Addition of Distributed Solar PV, Solar Water Heaters, Incorporation of Government’s Solar targets
Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
Oil, Gas
Revised data
Ministry of Coal
Coal, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
Incorporation of Government’s vision
Ministry of Power
Electricity Generation
Central Electricity Authority
Electricity Imports and Gas Generation
Addition of Electricity exports
Directorate General of Civil Aviation
Linked to GDP
Ministry of Railways
Linked to GDP
Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
Linked to GDP
Bureau of Energy Efficiency
Buildings, Lighting and Appliances
Improved modeling and methodology
Ministry of External Affairs
Emissions. Energy Security
Inclusion of GHG emissions, Fugitive emissions

We also obtained the participation of industry organisations and experts such as Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), Association of Oil and Gas Operators (AOGO) and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). The Version 2.0 builds on the earlier version.