The Indian growth story is now the subject of global interest. To support this growth, energy will play a key role in multiple ways - to meet the rising fuel demand, to spur growth through investment in the energy sector, and to raise the standard of living of Indian citizens. Robust energy data is essential to formulate and analyse policies for promoting energy security and sustainable development. A large number of institutions manage and coordinate efforts for enabling a seamless energy future for the country and generate large volumes of data and information.

The India Energy Portal (IEP), an offering of the Energy Division of NITI Aayog, is intended to provide a common platform for all energy related data and research form different sources. The portal aims to reach not only policy makers, but also all who use energy in their day to day lives and want to develop an holistic understanding of the sector. This is a platform where even a novice can gain basic understanding of India’s energy scenario and be a source that a researcher/ energy enthusiast can use to get access to Indian energy data bases and reports.

The India Energy Portal presently houses NITI Aayog’s flagship initiative, the India Energy Security Scenarios, 2047 along with preliminary analysis, data and links to other major energy sector publications for India. In the future the Portal will accommodate outcomes of other Energy Division efforts such an integrated Energy Data Dashboard, GIS findings and other significant research reports.

The Energy Division of NITI Aayog has over the years also strived to harness competencies of the best in class energy think-tanks in India and overseas, towards devising a sustainable and secure energy pathway for the country. Through this pursuit, it has provided knowledge inputs to the line energy Ministries/Departments, both on the demand and supply sides. As India increasingly confronts energy security and energy related climate change challenges, there is a need to respond with innovative knowledge based solutions. The Energy Division stands ready to fulfil these expectations.

There is a vast potential in our institutions, both in the government and private space, to support the transformational agenda of the country. We are also privileged to receive cooperation from our overseas partners and collaborating countries. In this pursuit, the Energy Division is also striving to meet the NITI Aayog’s mandate of networking with academia towards harnessing their knowledge in the task of national development. This portal looks forward to the suggestions and comments from users to improve and upgrade the platform.