Roadmap to fastrack adoption and implementation of ECBC at the urban and local level

The Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) was launched by Government of India in 2007 for improving the energy efficiency of the new commercial buildings, whose implementation still pose many challenges even after a decade of its launch. NITI Aayog undertook an initiative with support from UNDP-GEF-BEE and the Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE) to fast-track the implementation of ECBC in States and UTs. Under this initiative, NITI Aayog along with their knowledge partners organized five Regional ECBC Workshops to help sensitize the States on building energy efficiency policies, in general, and on ECBC specifically. The objective of the workshop was to help the Indian States, at various level of ECBC implementation, embark on making their states’ energy efficient by adopting or fast-tracking ECBC. The report sheds light on ECBC implementation challenges, workshop deliberations and discusses suggestive high-level implementation process to help states in adopting ECBC.

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